Employment Opportunities

Student Employment

Examples of the types of Student Jobs Available at the DRC; these jobs are both available for work study and non work study and can be found on Handshake.

  • Accessible Furniture Assistant
  • Captioning Assistant
  • Class/Lab Assistant
  • Data Analysis Intern
  • Exam Assistant
  • Office Assistant
  • Testing Center Proctor
  • Web Management Intern

Volunteer Peer Notetaker (Non-Work Study)

Become a DRC Peer Notetaker! Earn money for taking notes, while supporting other students and making our campus more accessible! 

Check out the Peer Notetaker Handbook to learn more.

Applicants must meet the following qualifications:

  • Have a 2.75 minimum GPA
  • Promptly attend all classes/watch recorded lectures 
  • Take good/organized, legible handwritten or typed notes 
  • Upload notes within 24 hours of synchronous classes or make steady progress uploading for asynchronous classes

Employment Verification

Employment verification requests are handled by Accounting Services. Refer to the Financial Affairs Records Request Guide for information on how to submit a Records Request in UCPath. The records guide will also direct employees on how to request Current/Recent Employment Verification, and how to attain verification for Previous Employment (2005 through 3 years prior to current date).

Employment Accommodations 

If the student needs accommodations that are specific to their employment (for example: TAship, GSR, GSI or other position on campus), they should reach out to jobaccommodations@ucsc.edu rather than DRC. However, if the student requires employment accommodations it is likely that they would benefit from academic accommodations as well. Additionally, there are some situations in which a student’s employment and student work overlap, so it is advisable to discuss their needs with their DRC service coordinator. 

Last modified: May 30, 2024