The Disability Resource Center is committed to ensuring all students with disabilities have equal access to educational opportunities and to advise campus constituents in understanding their roles in helping students achieve academic success. DRC offers a wide range of services to help achieve this. These services are designed to assist the campus in providing student accommodations, which are based on an individualized assessment, completed by a DRC Service Coordinator.

Each service unit is dedicated to assisting students in implementing specific accommodations. Students who are interested in receiving services from the Disability Resource Center can visit the Affiliate with the DRC page for more information. Faculty interested in more information about delivering these services should please visit the Providing Accommodations page.

A few Services we offer include but are not limited to:

Disability Related Services Facilitated by the DRC

The DRC may be able to assist with facilitating other disability related needs. Here are some examples of some services that our office can connect with to help with disability impacts.

Tutoring for DRC Students

Types of Tutoring Services

  • Individual Tutoring: This service is offered for all classes supported by both the Small Group Tutoring and MSI programs. Students who are approved for this service meet with the tutor one on one for up to 2 hours per class each week.
  • Extra Hours: Students can be approved for up to one hour of weekly group and/or individual tutoring per class in addition to the allotted hours for every student.
    • Students should be currently attending the maximum number of hours allotted by the LSS before additional time can be requested. If a DRC Coordinator determines a student needs more than the standard amount provided by accommodations, the request should be sent by a student’s DRC Coordinator to the LSS and DRC Directors. Both Directors will need to approve this request.

If the student have discussed and have tutoring services put in place by their DRC service coordinator, follow these steps. Don’t hesitate to contact the DRC service coordinator for any questions.

Submit a Request with LSS

After requesting an Academic Access Letter, consult with the LSS website to make a request with Learning Support Services.

Lecture Capture

UCSC’s Lecture Capture service records what the projector is displaying along with the audio from the instructor’s microphone. There is an option to also include the feed from a camera that is pointed at the front of the room. Students can access the recordings through YuJa and Canvas.  The service is facilitated through Information Technology Services (ITS).

Lecture Capture may be provided to DRC students as a service for:

  • Deaf/Hard of Hearing students for captioning purposes
  • Students on short-term absence due to illness or injury

Arranging for Lecture Capture

Visit the ITS page on Lecture Capture to check whether Lecture Capture is available in the classroom. If it is, the instructor can schedule the service at that same site. If help is needed with the process, please contact

Please note that only instructors can schedule Lecture Capture for their courses and associated sections. TAs are not able to schedule the service at this time.

What Should Faculty Do if a Student Needs this Accommodation in a Remote Class?

If faculty are teaching remotely via Zoom, and they have a student with a service for Lecture Capture, they can arrange for recording their Zoom lectures by using the Zoom/Canvas/YuJa integration.  Again, contact if they need help with this.

How Do Students and Faculty Access the Recordings? 

Lecture Capture recordings are saved to a Lecture Capture folder in the instructor’s YuJa site. Zoom lecture recordings are typically saved to a Zoom Recordings folder in the instructor’s YuJa site if using the Zoom/Canvas/YuJa integration. Please ensure that students know how to access the recordings and review Sharing YuJa Media to learn about the options available.

Last modified: May 30, 2024