A faculty member teaching their students

Faculty interactions play a pivotal role in the success of students with disabilities, and inclusive instructional strategies enhance the success of disabled students.  Faculty hold the key to creating a more inclusive and productive learning environment for all students, especially those with disabilities. 

DRC is the UCSC entity with the responsibility to determine appropriate accommodations for students with disabilities, to assist faculty with implementing accommodations in the classroom, and to provide services needed to give students full access to all classes.  We can only do this vital work in close partnership with faculty.

DRC partners with faculty to accommodate students with disabilities in the classroom through ongoing consultation and specialized access services.  The content of this webpage is designed to assist faculty in accommodating students, working with DRC Services, understanding the faculty’s rights and roles, and creating inclusive accessible classes. 

Visit the University Office of the President (UCOP) Guidance on Academic Accommodations to understand the academic accommodations process legally required under federal and state laws, and UC policy.

Information regarding Accessibility Statements.

Faculty should follow these guidelines on Providing Accommodations.

Learn more about the tips and practices for Teaching Students with Disabilities.

Last modified: Mar 11, 2024