Note-Taking Services

Notetaking Services can help supplement a student’s own notes and provide important access for students with a variety of disabilities.  Notetaking Accommodations may include DRC-provided notetaking software, peer notetakers, tape recorders, smartpens or other assistive technology that supports access to the course lectures. Please send questions about note taking accommodations to the DRC Notetaking Services Email.

Notetaking Software

Students who have been authorized for DRC notetaking software accommodations, who are interested in a software demo or learning more about software for notetaking, are encouraged to schedule an Accessible Tech Appointment in Accommodate.

Peer Notetaker

Students can request a notetaker for specific courses each quarter within Accommodate by requesting the student’s Academic Access (AA) letter. In order to receive timely services, it is important to request early, in advance of the start of the quarter when possible. If the student does not request in a timely manner we will try our best to provide the accommodation, but it is not guaranteed. Keep in mind it can take time to recruit and hire a notetaker. Don’t hesitate to contact the DRC service coordinator or DRC Notetaking Services for any questions.

Last modified: Mar 11, 2024