Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

DRC’s FAQs are set up to be a roadmap to the website. The answers to these FAQs will guide you to the place on our website where you can find the answer and more information regarding the question.

Exam Support FAQs


Do I need to fill out a request for each individual exam?

Guidelines on Exam Requests.

Does the testing center provide blue books/paper or other exam materials?

Information on exam materials.

How can I cancel and reschedule my exam room booking?

Information on canceling and rescheduling exam.

How early or late can I submit an exam room booking request?

Guidelines on Exam Booking Requests.


Why have students requested an exam time or date that does align with the in-class exam?

Reasons why students requested an exam time or date that does not align with the in-class exam.

Why do I have to review each individual exam room booking request even though some are for the same course?

Reasons to review each individual exam room booking request even though some are for the same course.

Completed exams were previously delivered to our department, is this option no longer available?

Information on completed exams.

If a student misses their scheduled exam, can they reschedule with the DRC Testing Center?

Information on if a student can reschedule their exam with the DRC Testing Center if they miss it.

Can I refuse a disability-related request for a make-up exam and instead drop the exam and add the points to a future exam?

Information on if Faculty drop an exam and add points to a future exam.

Make up Exams: The day of my final exam, a student in my class had a disability-related absence. The student now wants me to provide them with a make-up exam, which DRC has approved. Is it okay for me to give the student a grade of Incomplete and ask them to take the final exam with next quarter’s class?

Considerations for Make-up Exams and Incomplete Grades.

Exam Accommodations FAQ

I have not heard from my instructor about plans for my final exams.

We are asking instructors to inform their students about the plan for exams and accommodations. If you have not received a message about your exams, it is likely because the plan is still being developed. We recommend that you read all emails from your instructor regarding the exam plan. If there is no clear information about your exam, then email your instructor for information on how the exam will be managed. If your instructor does not provide this information, connect with your DRC Service Coordinator for support.

Exam follow-up email template:

Dear professor,
I have not received any information about how our (Course Name and number) exam
accommodations will be handled given the cancellation of in-class exams. Can you tell
me how I will receive my accommodations for the final exam?

How will I receive my exam accommodations for additional time for an exam if the exam is online?

If your accommodations include extended test time, Canvas and other exam platforms allow the instructor to adjust the time allowed for students with accommodations. The instructor can confirm the time has been adjusted to allow for your extended time.

I’ve been authorized for a scribe/reader for my exams. How will these accommodations be provided for an exam that is online?

If you have been authorized for a reader/scribe for your exams, the DRC can provide you with one. DRC Scribes/Readers will also be working with your instructors to arrange the exam details and location for your exams. If you have any questions, please email:

What happens with accommodations that include a distraction reduced testing room or a room alone for exams?

Students are responsible for finding a location to take their exams if their exams are online. If you are taking the exam on-campus, you may want to consider Reserving a Study Room in the campus libraries.

What happens with accommodations that include a scribe/reader for exams?

If you are authorized for a scribe/reader for your exams, please contact if you have questions about how these accommodations will be provided. If you have additional questions or concerns please contact the DRC at 831-459-2089.

Faculty FAQs

When should I refer students to DRC and what is the best way to refer students?

Guidelines on how to refer students to the DRC.

How is the decision made that a student needs accommodations? How does a student become eligible for DRC services?

Information on how students become eligible for DRC services.

What should I do if I object to a recommendation in DRC’s Academic Access (AA) Letter

Information on objecting to a recommendation in DRC’s AA Letter

Why do we receive late AA Letters? Can DRC or an instructor set a deadline for students to apply for accommodations each quarter?

Information on receiving late AA Letters and setting deadlines for to students to apply for accommodations

How can I design my course to make it more accessible for students with disabilities? As I’m planning my class, is there anything I can do to make my class more accessible so students require fewer accommodations to participate in my class?

Guidelines on how to enhance class access

What should I do if a student tells me that they have a disability, but I have not received an Academic Access letter from DRC?

Information on how to respond to students disclosing disabilities without Academic Access letters from DRC.

Can I require my students to speak with me before I initiate accommodations?

Information on Student-Instructor communication prior to accommodation initiation.

A student in my class is requesting an extension on their homework assignment, but their accommodation letter doesn’t say how many additional days I should allow them. How do I know how much additional time to provide?

Determining extended time for homework assignments without specific accommodation duration in Academic Access Letter.

Non-Affiliated Students FAQs

What is the DRC?

Information about the DRC.

How can the DRC help me?

Ways the DRC can help students.

Can the DRC help me with admission to UCSC?

Information regarding admission to UCSC.

How do I become a DRC Student?

Information on how to become a DRC Student.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

If you have documentation, please submit it to our office as soon as possible or bring it with you to your appointment. However, you do not need documentation to make an appointment.

What if I don’t have documentation?

If you think your academic struggles may be due to an undiagnosed, undocumented condition, please call or walk into our office to make an Information and Referral Appointment. Information and referral appointments allow students to be pre-screened in order to receive a referral for testing. Referrals to other offices on campus such as Counseling and Psychological Services may also be made.

What if I don’t have my documentation with me?

If you have had documentation in the past but do not have it with you, your doctor or high school will sometimes have some records available. It would be a good idea to contact them and ask if they can release your documents to our office.

What if I do not have diagnosed disability or a history of accommodation use?

Many students only begin to notice disability-related barriers upon entering college, while for others new conditions may emerge during their time at UC Santa Cruz.
We encourage students who may be experiencing disability-related barriers to make an appointment to discuss these impacts and explore a variety of resources. Through a comprehensive self-report, the DRC may be able to provide provisional (temporary) accommodations while connecting a student to a qualified professional to work towards obtaining documentation that would establish permanent access to accommodations at UC Santa Cruz.

What kind of documentation do I need?

Provide us with documentation that verifies your disability. The most useful documentation meets the UC system-wide guidelines for documentation. Be sure to review the guideline(s) appropriate for you.

How can I check the status of my documentation?

If for any reason you have not heard back from us within 3-5 business days, feel free to call the DRC for an update.

What if I just need transportation around campus?

If you have a temporary disability that requires transportation accommodations, please contact the Disability Van Service or the Student Health Center.

What if I have a temporary disability? (e.g. broken wrist)

Make an appointment with our office. If you have documentation from your medical provider, bring it to your appointment but it is not required. If you have an upcoming exam, be sure to let your DRC service coordinator know.

Can I receive accommodations for my pregnancy?

Information on accommodations for Pregnant Students

Student FAQs

How do I request services?

Please visit the Requesting Services page.

Why haven’t I gotten my AA letters yet?

It takes 2-3 business days to receive your AA letters in your email address after you have requested services in your Accommodate portal. If it has been longer than 3 business days, please contact us at

What do I do if I have an ineffective notetaker?

Please contact the Notetaking Services Email with the class information and the specific problems you are having with your notetaker.

What do I do if I don’t have a notetaker?

Please contact the Notetaking Services Email if a notetaker is still needed and/or to discuss alternatives to notetakers.

What do I do if my exams overlap?

Please email your DRC service coordinator as well as your professors at least a week before your exams.

What do I do if I am late and/or miss my exam?

Guidelines on Testing Day at the DRC Testing Center

What if I am having difficulty receiving my accommodations for my class?

Contact your DRC service coordinator. They can support you in facilitating access to your accommodations.

How can i get a copy of my disability documentation?

Students have access to view their documentation directly in Accommodate by clicking on the “Documents” module > “Approved Documents.” If you do not see your documentation in Accommodate, please send an email to

Having trouble accessing Accommodate?

Information regarding Accommodate and Accommodate resource guides.

What do I do if I miss a lot of classes because of my disability?

Please contact your DRC service coordinator

Can I receive accommodations for my pregnancy?

Information on accommodations for Pregnant Students

I would like for my family to know some information that is protected under FERPA. What do I do?

To release this information, you would have to fill out a Release Of Information (ROI) form. An ROI form allows a student to grant access of specified information to a specified person(s) for however long the student sets it to be. Access can be granted and removed anytime at a student’s request.

Video Captioning FAQs

Is it required to use captioned versions of films, film clips, YouTube videos, and other media?

Guidelines on usage of third party media.

What if the instructor owns the video?

Instructor Owned Media guidelines.

Is a transcript of a video sufficient?

Guidelines on video transcriptions.

What is the difference between captions and subtitles?

Differences between captions and subtitles.

Why can’t the interpreter interpret the video?

Reasons why the interpreter can’t interpret the video.

Why can’t the professional captioner transcribe the video in real time?

Reasons why the captioner can’t transcribe the video.

Aren’t all lecture recordings automatically captioned in YuJa?

Information on YuJa automatic captions.

What should I do if I’m not sure whether my media is captioned?

Guidelines to check captioned media.

What should I do if the media I plan to use is not captioned?

Information on captioning support.

How do I know if something is captioned?

Guidelines to check captioned media.

When and how can the DRC assist with getting media captioned?

Information on captioning support.

How long does it take to get a video or clip captioned?

Information on caption turn around time.

What if I am just using short film clips from longer works?

Information on caption turn around time.

What if I want to use an audio clip or podcast in my class?

Information on caption turn around time.

Turning on Captions

Guidelines to turn on captions.

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