DRC Welcome Form

Documentation of Medical or Psychological Condition Form

Student Housing / Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Accommodation Request

Housing/ESA Documentation Form

Exam Laptop Request: Complete at least one calendar week prior to students’ exam(s). If the request turnaround is less than one week away, please reach out to the DRC Testing Center after the request is placed. This form can be completed by staff, faculty, or student.

Assistive Technology & Exam Assistant Request Form

Exam Scheduling Support Request Form

Video Captioning Request Form

FERPA Release Form: required for students who would like a support person to attend their meetings, call on their behalf, or have on-going access to their information

Release of Information (ROI) Form: required for authorization of third parties (such as institutions like medical offices, universities, etc.) to have access to a student’s documents and information and vice versa