Classroom Services

Classroom Accommodations support equal educational access for students with disabilities on campus, within academic classroom spaces. These accommodations may relate to Notetaking Support, Accessible Furniture, and defined mobility assistance that supports specific in-class activities. A qualified DRC student staff member will attend class and work at the direction of the student to support access with unbiased services.

Accessible Classroom Furniture

Students must request the Accessible Furniture accommodation and submit the DRC Accessible Classroom Furniture Request Form to select the specific pieces of furniture and class locations that require accessible furniture to be placed by the DRC.

Please contact the Accessible Classroom Furniture Email or submit the DRC Accessible Furniture Feedback Form for support.

Classroom/Lab Assistance

Students must request the accommodation and submit the DRC Access Assistant Request Form to select the specific courses that require this accommodation and to provide details about the request.

Faculty will be notified in a separate email regarding the assignment of a DRC Access Assistant and asked to provide details about the course related to lab information, safety and protocol.

Last modified: May 30, 2024