Black History Month: Kid Cudi

Happy Monday all,  

Today we continue our celebration of Black History Month and Black Disability Activism.  Today I express appreciation for the high profile Black artists who are seeking to change the climate and stigma for persons with mental health disabilities by sharing their own experiences with mental health disabilities and advocating for systemic change. Highlighted below is one of those artists.   

Kid Cudi is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, actor and fashion designer. 

He has been very vocal about his battle with anxiety and depression over the years, speaking about it through his music, interviews, and social media. Kid Cudi released a heartfelt message to his fans through Facebook in October of 2016 that he had checked himself into rehab for his struggle with depression and suicidal urges. Kid Cudi spoke about how he needed to do this for himself and his family, his daughter, and his fans. After his post went viral, it sparked a hashtag movement on Twitter #YouGoodMan. This hashtag movement brought awareness for Black men to open up and talk about their experiences with mental health. In 2020 Kid Cudi released  his album Man on the Moon III, in which, through many songs, he talks about his internal struggle with mental health. Kid Cudi is an inspiration not only to the music world but to all of the Black community and how it’s okay to not be okay, and that there’s no shame in asking for help.

Cudi’s bravery in being vocal about the importance of mental health, particularly when it comes to Black men, gave his career a whole new aspect. The advocacy plays an integral part in his 2021 Amazon Prime Video documentary, A Man Named Scott. In addition to breaking down his come-up in the music industry, the documentary takes a comprehensive look at how Cudi’s honest approach to addressing his mental health inspired countless others to do the same to better their own lives.

Have a great week all; More to come!

Last modified: Oct 03, 2023