Is study abroad an option for me?

For preparation tips and stories of students with disabilities who successfully traveled abroad check out the following links:

Don’t let a disability stop you from considering study abroad! Students with disabilities can and do study abroad, and are encouraged to explore their options with UCSC International Education Abroad Office and the Disability Resource Center.

The majority of UCSC students study abroad throughout the UC Education Abroad Program (EAP). Although EAP cannot guarantee the accessibility of study sites, EAP can advise students if a given site appears to be inaccessible and recommend an alternate site. Students who anticipate special needs should contact their DRC Coordinator and the campus EAP office as soon as possible for assistance and advice about participation and preparation.


Note: To determine if funding is available for accommodations abroad, students should begin by consulting with their campus UCSC Programs Abroad Advisor, the Disability Resource Center, and the Financial Aid office well in advance of their departure. Students should be aware that federal law does not require the University to provide funding for disability accommodations and/or facilities beyond U.S. borders. Students should check carefully with their DRC  Service Coordinator to determine what services might be covered.