DRC Student Job Listings

These are a few of our student job listings and their ER numbers. Many of these positions have room to grow with an assistant, lead, and supervisory level. If there is a supplemental application, complete the application and send it via email. Please be sure to read the job descriptions thoroughly before applying. All jobs are both Workstudy and Non-Workstudy.

A note for Workstudy applicants: Because these positions include providing a vital service (accommodations), even if an employee runs out of Workstudy funding, the job is retained by the employed student.

To find and apply for each individual job listing, go to the UCSC Employee request system and search by each desired ER number.

Notetaker Positions
Notetaker Positions
Peer Notetaker #2802 Become a DRC Peer Notetaker! Earn money for taking class notes while supporting other students and making our campus more accessible! Check out the Peer Notetaker Handbook to learn more.
Accommodations Assistant Positions
Accommodations Assistant Positions
Accommodations Assistant #6901 Accommodations Assistants provide support with on-campus access-related barriers that impacts equal access to information in class, on websites, or other campus platforms not accessible to students with disabilities.
Accommodations Lead #7144
Accommodations Supervisor #8957
Exam Assistant #0540 Exam Assistants provide support for students with exam accommodations.
Captioning Assistant #4997 Captioning Assistants support the video captioning process for captioning accommodations.
Accessible Furniture Assistant #5746 Accessible Furniture Assistants assist with the fulfillment and delivery of accessible furniture for students with an accessible furniture accommodations.
Production Assistant #7129 Production Assistants aid in the delivery of ADA mandated accommodations and requires discretion in handling confidential information as well as lengthy training in the use of adaptive equipment and software.
Production Lead #7128
Production Supervisor #7143
Technology Assistant Positions
Technology Assistant Positions
Assistant #7577 Technology Assistants require good communication and leadership skills, have experience using Mac and PC computers, and are interested in training DRC students on the latest adaptive technology software. This position requires a high degree of discretion with confidential information.
Lead #7578
Supervisor #7579
Office Assistant Positions
Office Assistant Positions
Assistant #7607 Office Assistants provide support to the DRC office including managing filing, scheduling, answering phones, greeting visitors, and more.
Lead #7608
Supervisor #7609
Intern Poistions
Intern Positions
Program & Outreach #8704 Intern positions help the DRC with managing programs and outreach, data analysis, and website development.
Data Analyst #8871
Website Development #8113
Graduate Student Positions
Graduate Student Positions
Assistant #7818 Graduate Student positions are open for graduate students and includes managing projects, programs, and events as well as providing assistance and administrative support to the DRC.
Program Coordinator #11278

Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act

All of these student positions have been been identified as a Mandated Reporter. The selected candidate will be required to report known or suspected child abuse or neglect as defined by CANRA and will be required to sign a Statement Acknowledging Requirement to Report Child Abuse prior to commencing employment. Visit their page for more information about CANRA Penal Codes, and related definitions, requirements, and responsibilities.