DRC Student Job Listings

These are a few of our student job listings and their ER numbers. Each position has room to grow. Please be sure to read the job descriptions thoroughly before applying.

How To Apply

  1. Complete the online application by logging into the ER system with your student ID and birthdate. 
  2. Click on non-work study/work study jobs.
  3. Enter the ER number.
  4. Fully complete the application and apply to the position. 
If there is a supplemental application, complete the application and send it via email. For notetaker applications, send it is an attachment to drcnotes@ucsc.edu. For exam assistant, send it as an attachment to drcexams@ucsc.edu. You will not be hired without it.
  1. You will receive and email confirming your hire status.
  2. If you are not in the University Payroll system, you will received an email instructing you to go to the Career Center to complete employment forms. For more information, visit the Career Center Documentation page. (If you are already employed by the University, you do not need to get a Blue Card.)
  3. The Career Center will issue a Blue Card that must be returned to the DRC.

Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act

All of these student positions have been been identified as a Mandated Reporter. The selected candidate will be required to report known or suspected child abuse or neglect as defined by CANRA and will be required to sign a Statement Acknowledging Requirement to Report Child Abuse prior to commencing employment. Visit their page for more information about CANRA Penal Codes, and related definitions, requirements, and responsibilities.