Tutoring for DRC Students

Types of Tutoring Accommodations

  • Individual Tutoring: This accommodation is offered for all classes supported by both the Small Group Tutoring and MSI programs. Students who are approved for this accommodation meet with the tutor one on one for up to 2 hours per class each week.
  • Extra Hours: Students can be approved for extra hours of weekly group and/or individual tutoring per class based on approved accommodations. LSS’ policy gives each student 2 hours of tutoring a week. Extra hours of tutoring gives students access to a 3rd hour of weekly tutoring that fit your accommodations.  
    • Students should be currently attending 2 hours of tutoring before a third hour can be requested and provided. If a DRC Coordinator determines a student needs more than 3 hours of tutoring for accessibility issues, the request should be sent by a student’s DRC Coordinator to the LSS and DRC Directors. A student should be using 3 hours of tutoring before the request for a 4th hour is sent to the Directors. Both Directors will need to approve this request.

If you have discussed and have tutoring services put in place by your DRC service coordinator, follow these steps. Don't hesitate to contact your DRC service coordinator if you have any questions.


Step 1: Request Services for Tutoring

You must first request services through your student portal. LSS cannot fill accommodation that have not been approved by a DRC coordinator. To request services: 

  • Step 1. Go to myUCSC.
  • Step 2. Log in using your Cruz ID and Gold password.
  • Step 3. Select the "Request Services" tile on your home screen. (If you do not see the request services link on your student portal, please contact the DRC.)
  • Step 4. Select the accommodations for each class you are enrolled in. (Academic Access Letters will NOT be generated for classes you are waitlisted for.)
  • Step 5. Save to submit your request.

Step 2: Identify Yourself

Email lssacc@ucsc.edu to submit a request for tutoring accommodations. The email must include: 

  • Full name
  • Student ID number
  • Accommodation(s) requested (extra time, 1-1)
  • Class(es) for request
  • Other needs (e.g., sessions being held in locations with reduced distractions, need for interpreter, need for access to special devices, need for the tutor to present the material in varied modalities, oral written, repeatedly, etc.)
  • Your DRC Coordinator's name
  • Quarter requesting services (e.g. Spring 2019)

Please note: Individual tutoring is a consideration and cannot be guaranteed. LSS does not fill accommodation requests in the following circumstances. These guidelines are applied to all our programs for all undergraduate students:

  • Requests made for any class a student is not currently enrolled in Requests made for any class a student is waitlisted for
  • Requests made for graduate courses 
  • Requests for tutoring to help make up an Incomplete
  • Requests for courses taken at any other universities or colleges Requests made for courses where the professor has asked LSS not to support their course
  • Requests to begin tutoring before the program starts
  • Requests made by Graduate students and students enrolled via UC Extension/Open Campus Concurrent Enrollment will be filled only if there is space available in current programs

Step 3: Prepare for your Tutoring Sessions

Do the reading and the homework as best you can beforehand.

Step 4: Attend your Weekly Sessions

You may be dropped from tutoring for excessive absences.