Requesting a Notetaker

If you have discussed and have the notetaker accommodation put in place by your DRC service coordinator, follow these steps to receive a notetaker. Don't hesitate to contact your DRC service coordinator if you have any questions.

Step 1: Request Services

Request services in your portal within the first two weeks of the quarter to receive notes from the first day of classes: If you request or contact a Notetaker after the third week, you will receive notes from the date you submit the request. Contact your coordinator to request an exception.

    1. Go to myUCSC.
    2. Log in using your Cruz ID and Gold password.
    3. Go to “My Student Center” and select "Request Services". If you do not see your request services link on your student portal, please contact the DRC.
    4. Select the notetaker accommodation for each class you require a notetaker.
    5. Save to submit your request.

Step 2: Submit your Academic Access (AA) Letters to your Instructor

Step 3: Contact Your Notetaker

If a notetaker has been hired for your class, you will receive an email with your notetaker's contact information. Contact the Notetaker right away. Notetaking services will not begin until you contact the notetaker. Don’t forget to exchange names, phone numbers and/or email addresses. Arrange a consistent time and place to pickup the notes (email, the DRC, after class, etc.) Please pick up your notes regularly. If you drop a course you have requested a notetaker for, notify the DRC and the Notetaker right away.

If you are concerned about the timeliness and/or the quality of your notes, please either speak directly to the Notetaker regarding the concerns or contact the DRC Notetaker Coordinator at as soon as possible.

Notetaker Recruitment

If you are advised by the DRC that a Notetaker has not been hired for your class, we ask that you participate in the recruitment process. You will need to ask the professor to make an anonymous announcement in class, or you may choose to make the announcement yourself or recruit someone individually. Announcements should include the following information:

1. It is a paid position.
2. Anyone interested should contact the DRC right away. Notetakers cannot begin providing you with notes until they have been hired by the DRC.
3. The DRC hires only one Notetaker per class.
4. Information regarding the position can be found on the DRC website: