Tutoring for DRC Students

Types of Tutoring Accommodations

  • Individual Tutoring: This accommodation is offered for all classes supported by both the Small Group Tutoring and MSI programs. Students who are approved for this accommodation meet with the tutor one on one for up to 2 hours per class each week.

  • Extra Hours: Students can be approved for up to one hour of weekly group and/or individual tutoring per class in addition to the allotted hours for every student.

    • Students should be currently attending the maximum number of hours allotted by the LSS before additional time can be requested. If a DRC Coordinator determines a student needs more than the standard amount provided by accommodations, the request should be sent by a student’s DRC Coordinator to the LSS and DRC Directors. Both Directors will need to approve this request.

If you have discussed and have tutoring services put in place by your DRC service coordinator, follow these steps. Don't hesitate to contact your DRC service coordinator if you have any questions.

Request Accommodation

You must first request an AA Letter through your Accommodate student portal. LSS cannot fill accommodations that have not been approved by a DRC coordinator.

Submit a Request with LSS

After requesting an Academic Access Letter, consult with the LSS website to make a request with Learning Support Services.