Summer Exam Accommodations

If you have discussed and have exam accommodations put in place by your DRC service coordinator, follow these steps to request exam accommodations. Don't hesitate to contact your DRC service coordinator if you have any questions.

Things to remember:

    • You should let your instructors know you are entitled to exam accommodations at least 7 business days before an exam and 14 days before a final exam to ensure you are accommodated Faculty and staff will make a good faith effort to accommodate late requests, but they cannot be guaranteed.
    • If you have extenuating circumstances or questions regarding your test accommodations, contact your DRC Service Coordinator right away. 
    • Unless you have an unanticipated disability-related medical crisis, or you have been given less than 7 business days notice for an exam, you are expected to practice self-advocacy, make timely requests, and follow these guidelines.  If you fail to do so, DRC cannot guarantee the provision of your exam accommodations.               

Step 1: Request Services

All UCSC summer-session students entitled to exam accommodations request services during the first week of each Summer Session. Within 2 business days, DRC will email your Academic Access (AA) Letters to your UCSC email account.

    1. Go to myUCSC.
    2. Log in using your Cruz ID and Gold password.
    3. Go to “My Student Center” and select "Request Services".
    4. Select your exam accommodations for each class you require exam accommodations.
    5. Save to submit your request.

Step 2: Submit your Academic Access (AA) Letters to your Instructor

Step 3: Discuss your Exam Accommodations with your Instructor

In a face-to-face meeting, discuss your exam with each instructor and determine:

    • Who is the contact person for exam arrangements? Is it your instructor, TA, or a departmental delegate?
    • Where and when will each exam be given?
    • What materials will be allowed?
    • Who will be available during the exam to answer your questions?
    • If entitled to use a DRC laptop, how does the instructor want the exam submitted (i.e., CD or hard copy)? 
    • Test readers and scribes are arranged by your instructor and the DRC Exam Coordinator. When meeting with your instructor, point out the instructions and the link to the online Reader/Scribe Request Form, located on your AA Letter.

Step 4: Confirming Exam Details

  • Please make sure to follow up with your contact person (either your instructor or before each exam to confirm the exam details.
  • Instructors and department staff require time to arrange accommodations; most ask that you request and finalize all exam arrangements at least 7 days before an exam and 14 days before a final exam. Faculty and staff will make a good faith effort to accommodate late requests, but they cannot be guaranteed.
  • Faculty and staff use the UCSC email system to communicate exam arrangements; check your UCSC email for exam details. If you have not been notified about an exam date, time, location, etc., please contact your DRC service coordinator as soon as possible.
  • If you have extended testing time, check your course schedule and the final exam schedule. If your extended exam times conflict with another class or exam, immediately notify your instructors and work with them to change your exam to an alternate time before any changes can be made.
  • Notify your contact person as soon as possible if you:
      • decide not to use pre-arranged testing accommodations.
      • have extenuating circumstances that force you to miss the exam (e.g., illness).
      • drop the class.
  • If you are entitled to use a DRC laptop for essay exams:
      • Reserve your laptop early. We have a limited number of laptops and loan them on a first-come, first-served basis.
      • The DRC provides a blank USB to save your work and give to the instructor, but check with your instructors to see if they would like you to submit your exam in a different way.
      • Carefully read the instructions included with the laptop regarding proper use.