Summer Session

Taking courses during UCSC Summer Session is a great opportunity to: explore a new discipline, make-up a class, get ahead on your major coursework, or take care of general education requirements. Summer Session courses move fast, and the accommodations process can be a different depending on your situation. See below for more details:

UCSC Continuing Students:  If you’re already affiliated with the DRC, you don’t need to schedule an appointment. But as always, you need to submit your Academic Accommodations Letter(s) to your instructor as soon as possible. Some accommodations take time to coordinate so submitting sooner will help provide them in a timely manner so please make sure you request AA Letters as soon as possible.

UCSC Newly Admitted Students: Affiliate with our office in advance by following the affiliation instructions on our website. 

UC Students visiting from another UC: Please send your academic accommodations letters from your campus to us at If you need the same accommodations, you may not need an appointment for us to provide you those. If you require new accommodations, then please affiliate with our office in addition to sending letters from your campus.

Visiting Students: Affiliate with the DRC in advance by visiting this webpage on how to get affiliated. If you have academic accommodations from your home campus, send your accommodation letter for faster processing in addition to affiliating with our office. 

If you have exam accommodations, please visit our Summer Exams page for more information about how Summer Exams are administered.

If you have trouble adding a summer course, or would like to drop/withdraw from a summer course, please visit:

Because summer sessions have a different pace than the regular academic year, we suggest scheduling a new student appointment with a service coordinator at least two weeks before your summer session. For example, if your session starts on June 21, we recommend scheduling an appointment no later than June 4. This is to make sure you have access to Academic Accommodation letters the day your class starts.