Requesting Alternate Media Production (AMP) Services

The DRC Alternate Media Production (AMP) lab provides both undergraduate and graduate students with textbooks in alternate format (eg. Braille, enlarged print, PDF, .mobi) as an accommodation for print-related disabilities. If you have the alternate media accommodation, follow these steps to request your texts in alternate format. Please contact your DRC service coordinator if you have any questions.

Request Accommodation

Request text in alternate format by submitting an AA Letter request through Accommodate. The AT accommodation includes priority enrollment and it is essential to pay attention to your enrollment date and make timely requests every quarter.

Gather Course Materials

  • If you do not know what books are required for your classes, you can search the Bay Tree Bookstore website to find a list of books by course.
  • If your books are not listed on the Baytree bookstore website, contact your instructor for a list of required course reading materials and a syllabus, if available. Feel free to use the sample email below. Be sure to cc,, so AMP can follow-up as appropriate.

Dear Professor ________,
I am enrolled in your course: ___________________ this ______________ term. I am a DRC student and receive text in alternate format as an accommodation. I am writing to request a list of the course materials you intend to use for this class, as they are not listed on the Baytree Bookstore website. Alternate media production can be a lengthy process and I want to ensure I have equal access to course materials and an opportunity to be prepared for class from the first day of the term.

Make Your Alternative Format Request

Important Reminders:

  • Requests are processed on a first come, first serve basis and prioritized according to the reading schedule on your syllabus.
  • Under coyright law you must have access to and/or have purchased the textbook(s) you request from AMP every quarter.
  • Keep in mind when making your request it generally takes AMP up to two weeks to convert and produce text in alternate format. 
  • Plan early and get your request in ASAP to ensure your files are delivered on time!
  • Make sure to consult with the Alternate Media Production manager in a timely manner by email at with any questions or if an alternate delivery plan is needed.
  • Keep in mind when making your request that some files take longer to convert (e.g. .kes, Mp3, .mobi for the Kindle, and .epub for the iPad). 

What Happens Next?

  • After you have sent your initial request for your textbooks, AMP will search our electronic libraries and will follow up within two business days if more information is needed or if you need to bring your book in for production.
  • When your books are not available in electronic format, you authorize the DRC to de-spine and rebind any books youu drop off so they can be scanned and converted to alternate format.
  • Keep in mind if you request a text to be scanned by hand (eg. rented books or library books) there is a longer production time.
  • Be prepared to provide proof of purchase/access to Alternate Media Production when asked. For questions on what constitutes proof of purchase/access please email the production manager at

Delivery of Files

  • AMP will send an email to notify you when your files have been delivered. Texts in alternate format are to be used for your educational purposes only and should not be shared, copied, or duplicated for use by others.
  • Kurzweil Users: Your .kes files will be delivered to your public folder in your Kurzweil/Firefly Universal library which can be accessed online or in your program. 
  • Other formats will be delivered to the E-text website that can be accessed using your CruzID and Gold password or to Google Drive upon request.
  • To check the status of your request please email and expect a response within two business days.

Immediate Access Needs

For immediate access needs for text in alternate format you are welcome to come in to the DRC during office hours or to McHenry library to use the Indus 5000 scanner to scan your texts and create accessible PDF's to use with your preferred software. Technology Assistants are available Monday through Friday to demonstrate and teach students how to use the scanner at the DRC.

Document Converter Tools

If you have electronic files you need converted, there are free document converter tools available on our Online Accessibility Resources Page.