What is the complaint/grievance process?

Informal Complaints

If you have any concerns or feel you have not received a reasonable, requested accommodation from any UCSC faculty or staff member, contact your DRC Service Coordinator as soon as possible. Timeliness is critical in resolving these concerns promptly and effectively. Your Service Coordinator will meet with you to gather information and work to resolve your concerns with everyone involved.

Academic Adjustments

In the case of academic adjustments, if a student has not been able to resolve an issue of academic accommodation with a faculty or staff member, the DRC will determine the accommodation that is appropriate in its view, based on the documentation provided by the student. The DRC will communicate its view of the appropriate accommodation to the faculty or staff member involved. If there are still problems in making the appropriate accommodation available to the student, the DRC will bring the issue to the attention of those with supervisory responsibility over the faculty or staff member involved, in an attempt to reach a resolution. This process shall proceed on an expedited basis, with the goal of reaching a resolution generally within 10 calendar days.

DRC Services

If you have a complaint regarding DRC services or an issue involving your DRC Service Coordinator, and you have addressed these concerns without acceptable resolution, you can meet with the DRC Director to facilitate a resolution. If the Director is your Service Coordinator, you can meet with the Director’s supervisor to resolve your complaint. In any case, you will receive a written response to your complaint within three working days.

Formal Complaints

If you continue to think that your complaint has not been adequately addressed, you will be given information about filing a formal complaint and referred to the Complaint Resolution Officer (CRO) within Student Affairs.

Brian Arao

Associate Dean of Students and Chief of Staff


UCSC ADA Compliance Website

For more information about making an ADA-related complaint or filing a formal grievance, please visit the UCSC ADA Compliance website.