Temporary Accommodations

    Accommodations for Temporary Injuries or Short-term Disabilities

  • DRC may provide support and services for in-class, coursework, exam, housing, parking or other accommodations to students with temporary or unexpected conditions/injuries that limit their ability to fully participate in academic programming. Some examples of temporary conditions/injuries that may require accommodations include:
    • Pregnant students experiencing pregnancy-related functional limitations (pregnant students not experiencing pregnancy-related functional limitations can seek pregnancy accommodations through the campus Title IX Office.)
    • Students with recently acquired injuries, such as broken limbs or concussions/brain injuries.
    • Students recovering from surgeries or medical procedures
    • Students preparing for upcoming surgeries or medical procedures may experience side effects or impacts from the surgeries or medical procedures.
    Temporary accommodations can be provided immediately. Please visit the contact us page to reach out or find the DRC. The Classroom Accommodations Coordinator will meet with you in-person or on Zoom to discuss appropriate accommodations, the documentation process, and campus resources.