Housing Accommodation Requests

New students are strongly encouraged to visit the colleges to personally view the housing facilities, and to discuss any concerns with college Housing Coordinators. Once you accept the offer of admission to UC Santa Cruz and become affiliated with one of the colleges, you will be sent instructions for completing the online housing application/contract process.

 The DRC does not guarantee on campus housing, and College re-assignment is not a housing accommodation that the DRC can provide.

 If you plan to live on-campus and have a disability-related need to modify your living environment, please do the following:

  1. Submission of a housing application in the Housing Portal (studenthousing.ucsc.edu).
  2. Completion of this DRC Housing Accommodation Request form, including a DRC Personal Statement (submit through Accommodate Student Portal)
  3. Submission of Supporting Documentation* to DRC through Accommodate

    *If you already have documentation of your disability on file with the DRC, you do not have to submit again.


The DRC will review fully complete housing requests within 10 business days of submission. We will review the request and supporting documentation for each accommodation request and make appropriate recommendations to the Housing Staff. 

 Be sure to follow up with the Housing Coordinator at your college after submitting your housing accommodation request to the DRC. 


 If you have a disability that requires the use of a Service or Support Animal and you plan to live in University Housing, you will need to read the UC Santa Cruz Service Animal Policy and follow the UC Santa Cruz Service Animal Procedures to obtain permission to have a Service or Support Animal in residence.