In-Class Accommodations

If your disability affects you in class, the DRC can put in-class accommodations in place. These accommodations can relate to participation, getting to and from class, feeling comfortable in class, communication and more.  While the following list describes more common accommodations, it is not exhaustive. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

    Accessible Furniture

  • Accessible furniture may be provided to students for whom the standard desks and chairs in classrooms are inaccessible due to physical disability. Examples of accessible furniture include stand-alone chairs and wheelchair accessible desks.

  • Adaptive Equipment

  • DRC students who have discussed and have the accommodation put in place for equipment loans, can borrow digital voice recorders, an accessible i-Clicker, or a VisioDesk (CCTv). All equipment loans are short term and must be discussed with a service coordinator prior to borrowing. 

  • Notetaking Support

  • If you have a disability that impacts your ability to take adequate notes, your DRC Service Coordinator can put notetaking accommodations in place. This could be in the form of notetakers, tape recorders, smartpens or other assistive technology that will allow you to access the lecture.

  • Access Assistants: Class or Lab Assistant

  • Working under the direction of the student, class or lab assistants aid students with disabilities with visual and/ or physical mechanics and dexterity requirements of class and/or lab activities the student may not be able to perform., e.g. lifting, pouring, writing, reading etc. 

  • Sign Language Interpreting & Real Time Captioning

  • We provide qualified interpreters for course instruction in your preferred mode of communication (e.g. ASL, PSE, SEE). Oral interpreters and realtime captioners are also available for those who do not utilize sign language interpreters. Assistive listening devices (FM systems) can also be checked out students who require such support in the classroom.

    For non-course related interpreting/captioning needs, such as extra-curricular events on campus, contact the sponsoring department to request an interpreter/captioner or other accommodations.