Accessible Furniture in Classrooms

Accessible furniture accommodations arranged by the DRC are provided to DRC-affiliated students for whom the current standard classroom desks and chairs create structural limitations. The availability of accessible furniture in classrooms is vital, allowing full participation in courses by removing barriers to physical access. 

Examples of accessible furniture include specialized chairs such as stand-alone or seats with additional back support, wheelchair accessible tables or adjustable height sit/stand desks, stools and podiums. 

Student Responsibilities 

  1. Students who are scheduling an appointment for the first time must affiliate with the DRC.  Those with temporary injuries should schedule an appointment with the DRC.  Students already affiliated may discuss their needs with their Service Coordinator.

  2. Submit Quarter Request in Accommodate to request accommodations and AA Letters as soon as possible every quarter to allow us to arrange furniture in a timely manner.

  3. Complete DRC Accessible Classroom Furniture Request Form before the start of every quarter (or when needed) to request preferences in the placement of specific accessible furniture in classroom and campus locations

  4. Contact if furniture does not meet your needs or is moved from the location it was placed

DRC Responsibilities

Ensure requested accommodation is delivered in a timely manner, provide ongoing communication with students regarding furniture placement, and maintain furniture that is clean and in good working order

Faculty Responsibilities

 Although instructors are not directly responsible for this accommodation, close observation of classroom furniture and any perceived impacts are helpful- particularly in cases where furniture and/or equipment are required to ensure  students’ participation and meet academic needs


Review the Office of the Registrar’s Classroom Information, which includes classroom features and photos to help determine whether or not furniture in a General Assignment classroom is accessible