Exam Accommodations

If your disability impacts exams and quizzes, the DRC can put exam accommodations in place. While the following list describes more common exam accommodations, it is not exhaustive. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. Please note that some accommodations require time to coordinate, and some divisions may have additional deadlines for coordinating accommodations for midterms and exams.

If your exam will be taking place online, your instructor may use ProctorU to proctor the exam. Please visit the ProctorU FAQ page to learn more about that service."


  • CCTVs are machines that magnify printed text (e.g. a hard copy of an exam) onto a monitor for students with visual impairments.

  • Distraction-Reduced Testing Environment

  • The second most commonly authorized exam accommodation is the need for distraction-reduced testing space. The student with this accommodation should be tested in an environment which minimizes distractions. Each student has different levels of distractibility and different stimuli which distract them.

  • Enlarged Font Exams

  • Students with this accommodation put in place will be given a copy of an exam in enlarged font. Aks a DRC Service Coordinator for more information. 

  • Extended Testing Time

  • Students with this exgtended time are given additional time to complete any in-class, graded assignment, such as a quiz, pop-quiz, midterm, test, exam, or final exam. The amount of time is discussed when the student meets with their DRC Service Coordinator.

  • Readers

  • A reader is a person who reads the test word-for-word to the student. Readers do not clarify or answer questions about the exam. Text to speech software installed on a DRC Exam laptop is another option to have exams read aloud. 

  • Scribes

  • A scribe records verbatim the answers provided by the testing student. Scribes do not clarify or answer questions about the exam. Dictation software installed on a DRC Exam laptop is also an option for verbally dictating answers on an exam. 

  • Use of a Laptop

  • Some students may need to use a laptop computer in-class essay exams, or use technology to support a student who requires software to access the exam.

    To reserve a laptop for an exam, please email a Technology Assistant at drcicat@ucsc.edu.