Coursework Accommodations

If your disability affects your coursework, the DRC can put coursework accommodations in place. These accommodations can relate to reading and writing support, assisting with a more flexible timeline, consideration for alternate content and more. While the following list describes more common accommodations, it is not exhaustive. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

    Alternate Media Production Services

  • Alternate media is an alternative to standard printed academic materials such as textbooks, lab manuals, class handouts, and tests. The DRC Alternate Media Production (AMP) lab provides both undergraduate and graduate students with print related disabilities textbooks in alternate format (eg. Braille, enlarged print, PDF, .mobi) as an accommodation. If you are interested in learning more about receiving your textbooks in an alternate accessible format please contact us to schedule an appointment with a Service Coordinator.

    By using Alternative Media Production services, you hereby acknowledge and understand the following:
    • Your responsibility under copyright law and that you must have access to and/or have purchased the textbook(s) requested from AMP every quarter.
    • Texts in alternate format are to be used for educational purposes only. I agree to not share, copy, or duplicate these texts for use by others.
    • AMP requests are processed on a first come, first serve basis and prioritized according to the reading schedule on the syllabus.
    • As part of the AT accommodation, you also have priority enrollment and it is your responsibility to make timely requests every quarter.
    • It generally takes AMP up to 2 weeks to convert and produce text in alternate format.
    • When books are not available in electronic format, you authorize the DRC to de-spine and rebind your books so they can be scanned and converted to alternate format. There is a longer production time if you request texts to be scanned by hand (e.g. rented books or library books).
    • You agree to consult with the Alternate Media Production Manager in person or by email at with any questions or if an alternate delivery plan is needed. 
    Due to COVID-19 operational changes, the DRC has revised alternate media requests to be done remotely for the Spring quarter. To maintain and comply with the guidelines of social distancing, you are not required to personally come into the office to drop off a book for conversion. 
    Our current adopted workflow for making your AMP Requests will be as follows:
    Please submit a completed Alternate Media Request Form as soon as you have your finalized Spring quarter courses. 
    • Please note that you will need to attach a Proof of Purchase/Access in order to complete the request. This may be in the form of any one of the following:
      • Receipt
      • A picture of the book(s)
      • Email confirmation indicating you are a recipient of the EOP Textbook Lending Library 
      • A PDF file of the text or reading
    • If we do not have the requested texts available in our electronic library, we will purchase a physical copy of the book to de-spine and scan.
    • If you are submitting a request for Canvas readings, please make sure to indicate that in the request form
    Feel free to email us with any questions or concerns you may have!

  • Assistive Software

  • Please visit our accessible software page to learn more. 

  • Tutor Referral

  • If you are entitled to tutoring accommodations, a DRC service coordinator can put a tutoring accommodation in place for additional tutoring services at Learning Support Services (LSS) or Modified Supplemental Instruction (MSI) such as individual tutoring, extra hours of tutoring or small group tutoring in addition to MSI.

    For more information, please visit Learning Support Service's website.