Mobile Study Apps


  • claro pdf logoClaroPDF is an application for iOS that allows users to read, annotate, and edit PDF documents with a touchscreen device. The software has several drawing tools including pens, highlighters, and shapes. Sticky notes and text boxes can be added anywhere on an existing document. ClaroPDF also allows users to import saved photos and audio into their PDFs. Users can open webpages through the app’s browser and automatically convert them into editable PDF files.
  • No alternative textNaturalReader is a program for PC and Mac and an application for iOS and Android that converts typed text into a spoken audio format. Users can copy and paste text or import Word or PDF documents into the program, which will proceed to read it aloud. The software’s variety of voices have adjustable speed and are customizable and natural-sounding - not like a robot! NaturalReader also has a floating toolbar that allows users to read directly off of web browsers. Imported text can be saved as an MP3 audio file for playback on the go.
  • voice dream logo

    Voice Dream is an application for iOS and Android that converts written text into a spoken audio format. The application highlights text that it reads aloud, and there are Play, Pause, Fast-forward, and Rewind buttons just like any audio playback software. Users can import PDF and Microsoft Word documents and other files into the application, which will be stored on its Home menu. Text can be resized, and the voices are customizable and natural-sounding. Users can also use the built-in web browser to extract text on webpages into the application.


  • Flashcards

  • quizlet logoQuizlet is a website and application for iOS and Android that allows users to create portable electronic flashcards. Users can flip cards to the front or back by clicking or tapping, just as they would inspect a physical index card. The cards can be sorted by category or subject, and the software includes 2 different quiz and matching games to help users memorize and study terms. Users can upload their created decks to an online database, where they can search for and download other decks. Quizlet also uses an account system to sync saved decks across all devices, whether created on a computer or a smart device.

  • Mind Maps

  • mindly logoMindly is an application for Mac OSX, iOS, and Android that allows users to create more complex mind maps. The maps are aesthetically pleasing, with a sleek design and smooth user interface. The free version limits how many nodes users can create in one map. When a bubble in the map is clicked or tapped, it zooms in to reveal more bubbles, which can be rotated around the main one. Mindly is ideal for displaying text, photos, and ideas in a similar style to PowerPoint and Prezi.
  • popplet logo

    Popplet is an application for iOS that allows users to create mind maps and flow charts. The bubbles, called “popplets”, are colorful and can be resized. Users can write text and import photos into bubbles and automatically link them using the intuitive touch controls. Users can upload created projects to an online database, where they can search for and download other projects. These can also be saved to the iOS device as JPEG or PDF files.


  • Google Drive

  • google drive logoGoogle Drive is a cloud-based file storage system that can be accessed on any computer, iOS, or Android device. Anyone with a Google account can store documents and projects of various file formats on Drive. Google Docs is the word processor of Drive. Documents can be shared with classmates or coworkers and can be edited simultaneously; many students use Docs to collaborate on group projects. Google Slides is essentially the same as Docs, but based around slideshows. Google Docs and Slides are excellent substitutes for Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, respectively.