Frequently Asked Questions for Service Animals

    What documentation is required to request a service animal or emotional support animal in housing?

  • If the disability is not readily apparent, the Disability Resource Center will request the student to provide documentation from a licensed therapist or psychiatrist.

  • How long will the process take for housing to be informed of my animal in a housing accommodation?

  • Generally, fifteen (15) working days. If you have not heard back from the DRC within that time period, please call us at 831-459-2089.

  • What level if information is disclosed to housing?

  • A housing associate college administrative officer and the housing director are typically informed of the accommodation, but not the diagnosis.

  • Where is my animal allowed to go on campus?

  • Emotional support animals are allowed in the residence room. More information will be provided by the associate college administrative officer. Service animals are allowed everywhere on campus with a few exceptions related to safety.

  • What is the difference between a service animal and an emotional support animal?

  • See the policy at the following link: UC Santa Cruz Service/Support Animal Policy

  • How do I respond to people who ask me if my animal is a pet?

  • You can answer by saying, “This is an emotional support/service animal and if you have other questions you should contact the Disability Resource Center.”