Frequently Asked Questions from Non-Affiliated Students

    What is the DRC?

  • We assist UCSC to provide equal access to education for students with disabilities. We also support retention and graduation of students with disabilities, promote a non-discriminatory campus environment and encourage student development and independence.

  • How can the DRC help me?

  • We can provide a variety of services to assist a student in their educational experience. Accommodations and support are tailored to each student’s disability-related needs. Some commonly used accommodations are: advising and support, exam accommodations, notetaking support, and alternate media (e.g. audio books).

  • Can the DRC help me with admission to UCSC?

  • Students with disabilities are admitted to UC Santa Cruz under the general admission requirements; there is no separate admission procedure. All applicants are reviewed by the Office of Admissions using 14 comprehensive criteria. This includes academic accomplishment despite educational disadvantage, such as a disability.

    Within the UC application there is the opportunity for you to address your disability, the challenges it presents, strategies used to overcome these challenges, and your academic achievements. These issues are often described in the Personal Insight Questions, some of which address educational barriers and challenges.

    If you are notified that you have not been accepted to the University, you may appeal your denial. Instructions for doing so are located on the Admissions website.

    It is during the appeal process that the Office of Admissions will consult with the Disability Resource Center. It is not required, but could be helpful during an appeal if you fax your medical or psycho-educational documentation to the DRC (831-459-5064). The DRC will make recommendations and the Office of Admissions will make the final decision.

  • How do I become a DRC student?

  • Make an appointment with our office. In your appointment, you will talk to a DRC Service Coordinator who will work with you to talk about barriers in your academic studies and then set an academic plan.

  • What do I need to bring to my appointment?

  • If you have documentation, please submit it to our office as soon as possible or bring it with you to your appointment. However, you do not need documentation to make an appointment.

  • What if I don’t have documentation?

  • If you think your academic struggles may be due to an undiagnosed, undocumented condition, please call or walk into our office to make an Information and Referral Appointment.

    Information and referral appointments allow students to be pre-screened in order to receive a referral for testing. Referrals to other offices on campus such as Counseling and Psychological Services may also be made.

  • What if I don't have my documentation with me?

  • If you have had documentation in the past but do not have it with you, your doctor or high school will sometimes have some records available. It would be a good idea to contact them and ask if they can release your documents to our office.

  • What if I do not have a diagnosed disability or a history of accommodation use?

  • Many students only begin to notice disability-related barriers upon entering college, while for others new conditions may emerge during their time at UC Santa Cruz.

    We encourage students who may be experiencing disability-related barriers to make an appointment to discuss these impacts and explore a variety of resources. Through a comprehensive self-report, the DRC may be able to provide provisional (temporary) accommodations while connecting a student to a qualified professional to work towards obtaining documentation that would establish permanent access to accommodations at UC Santa Cruz.

  • What kind of documentation do I need?

  • Provide us with documentation that verifies your disability. The most useful documentation meets the UC system-wide guidelines for documentation. Be sure to review the guideline(s) appropriate for you.

  • How can I check the status of my documentation?

  • If for any reason you have not heard back from us within 3-5 business days, feel free to give us a call for an update.

  • What if I just need transportation around campus?

  • If you have a temporary disability that requires transportation accommodations, please contact the Disability Van Service at 831-459-2829 or the Student Health Center 831-459-2211 for more information.

  • What if I have a temporary disability? (e.g. broken wrist)

  • Make an appointment with our office. If you have documentation from your medical provider, bring it to your appointment but it is not required. If you have an upcoming exam, be sure to let your DRC service coordinator know.

  • Can I receive accommodations for my pregnancy?

  • While pregnancy is not a disability, pregnancy related complications can be accommodated for. Some of the accommodations we can offer include accessible furniture, consideration for breaks in class, and support with navigating campus. Please schedule an appointment with a service coordinator to discuss your unique experiences and develop an accommodation plan.