The Difference between High School and College

In high school, the federal law known as I.D.E.A. focuses on students' academic success. High schools initiate accommodation services and often draw up 504 plans and I.E.P.'s to list students' strengths, weakness, and accommodations. Parents advocate for their children to high school teachers and administration.

In college, the I.D.E.A., 504 Plans, and I.E.P.s no longer apply. Federal laws called the A.D.A and The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 focus not on ensuring students' success, but instead ensuring equal access to all of the classes, programs, and services that the college offers. College's do not seek out students with disabilities to provide accommodations and services; students must initiate their own services by providing the college's Disability Resource Center with specific medical documents. College students are adults and their own advocates.

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