Providing Lecture Capture as an Accommodation

What is Lecture Capture?

Many DRC students benefit from being able to review recordings of class lectures after class to ensure that they didn’t miss anything during class. UCSC’s Lecture Capture service records what the projector is displaying along with the audio from the instructor’s microphone. There is an option to also include the feed from a camera that is pointed at the front of the room. Students can access the recordings through YuJa and Canvas.  The service is facilitated through Information Technology Services (ITS).

Students benefit from being able to watch recordings of the lecture in a quiet place outside of class.

Lecture Capture may be approved as an accommodation for the following: 

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries

  • Chronic systemic conditions

  • Mobility/severe pain

  • Deaf/Hard of Hearing students

  • Processing issues related to Learning Disabilities

  • Psychological disabilities: anxiety, dissociation/trauma etc.

  • Students on short-term absence due to illness or injury

How Do I Arrange for Lecture Capture?

A DRC student notifies you via their Academic Access (AA) Letters that they have Lecture Capture as an accommodation. You can then go to the ITS page on Lecture Capture to check whether Lecture Capture is available in your classroom. If it is, you can go ahead and schedule the service at that same site. If help is needed with the process, please contact

Please note that only instructors can schedule Lecture Capture for their courses and associated sections.  TAs are not able to schedule the service at this time.

What Should I Do if a Student Needs this Accommodation in a Remote Class?

If you are teaching remotely via Zoom, and you have a student with an accommodation for Lecture Capture, you can arrange for recording your Zoom lectures by using the Zoom/Canvas/YuJa integration.  Again, you can contact if you need help with this.

How Do My Students and I Access the Recordings? 

Lecture Capture recordings are saved to a Lecture Capture folder in the instructor’s YuJa site. Zoom lecture recordings are typically saved to a Zoom Recordings folder in the instructor’s YuJa site if using the Zoom/Canvas/YuJa integration. In either case, you just need to ensure that students know how to access the recordings. Please review Sharing YuJa Media to learn about the options available.