Providing Accommodations to Your Students

1. Incorporate the text featured on the "Syllabus Statement" page into your course website, syllabus, and introductory class announcement to ensure that you receive requests for authorized accommodations in a timely manner.

2. Be available by appointment or in office hours for students to meet with you, submit their official DRC Academic Access (AA) Letter, and discuss their accommodations. This allows for a meaningful dialogue about how the student’s disability affects them academically, and how their accommodations can best be implemented, while also ensuring the student’s anonymity.

3. Students who are authorized for notetaking services might ask you to make an announcement in class to recruit a notetaker. Please remember that the student’s affiliation with the DRC is confidential. Any announcement should not reveal the identity of the DRC student requesting the service. When asking for a class notetaker, say that this service has been authorized by the DRC for “a student in the class” without giving the name of the student(s) needing the notes. The following information should be included:

    • The position is volunteer-based but given monetary compensation 

    • Anyone interested needs to contact the DRC right away to fill out an application

    • The DRC hires only one notetaker for each class

    • Information regarding the position can be found on the Notetaker informational page.