Faculty and Staff

Looking for more resources? Please start with taking a look at our new comprehensive DRC Instructor Handbook. 

New January 2021: ITS information on automated live captioning in Zoom.

FAQ's for Faculty regarding online exam and instruction plan for accommodations and access.

Faculty and Staff

The design and implementation of disability-related accommodations is a shared campus responsibility. It is a collaborative process involving the student, the DRC and instructors. You do not have to be an expert on disability related matters, but you must be prepared to work together to ensure equal access. The DRC is available to answer questions or discuss concerns regarding legal mandates, policies and procedures.

The DRC serves as a resource for the campus community, and welcomes the opportunity to be a resource for our faculty and staff in teaching and working with students with disabilities. The DRC understands that faculty who interact with students everyday, play an essential role in university accessibility. We look forward to partnering with you as you seek to make your classes more accessible. Your active involvement in creating an accessible campus has a tremendous impact on the quality of life and retention of hundreds of UC Santa Cruz students with disabilities. 

Students with disabilities have met the same admission standards as all other students and are engaged in academic programs, departments, and professional schools across the UC Santa Cruz campus. 

To this end, take a look at the UDL-based infographic here, which details a UDL framework for creating a diverse learning environment in the classroom, whether physical or virtual.