Detailed Navigational Directions to DRC

Directions from Cowell Bus Stop Heading Counterclockwise

Deboard the bus. You will be on Hagar Drive. Turn right so that Hagar is on your right and walk approximately 30 feet to the first crosswalk. It is a stop sign here. Cross over Hagar to the right. On the other side, you will arrive at the entrance to the Quarry Plaza. Keep this on your right and proceed about seven or eight feet. There are sets of definitive truncated domes, which will curve slightly around to the right. Be sure to take this step, otherwise you may accidentally cross back to the same point from which you've just crossed. Cross Steinhart Way, another stop sign, to the left. Turn right and continue up Steinhart. Shortly, the sidewalk will curve slightly to the left, at which point you are now on Hahn Road. AT the next crosswalk, cross to your right over Hahn. On the other side, there is the bottom of a short flight of stairs that will be on your right. Turn left so that this set of stairs is now directly behind you. Hahn Road is now on your left. Continue downhill. You will eventually need to veer slightly to the right in order to navigate around some trees. It is important to remain alert, as there are numerous trees that you will encounter down this path. You will soon cross over a small wooden bridge. Beyond the bridge, the path begins to go uphill, and the level of incline will steadily increase until you reach a set of stairs. Proceed up these stairs. Approximately 50 feet ahead is the east entrance to Hahn Student Services. Entering this through the set of automatic doors will place you in our reception area, 125 Hahn.

There is an accessible entrance which can be reached by following the same set of directions above, except that immediately before the wooden bridge, take the right-hand path. Then, there will be a path to the left. Take this path to go uphill. You will eventually reach the north entrance to Hahn Student Services. Making a left, follow the building around to the right until you reach the east entrance.

Directions from Cowell Bus Stop Heading Clockwise

Deboard the bus, which will place you on a wooden platform. You will be on Steinhart Way. Turn right so that Steinhart is on your right, and proceed up to the stop sign. Shortly, the sidewalk will curve slightly to the left, at which point you are now on Hahn Road. At this point, the rest of the directions are the same as above.

Directions from McHenry Library

Starting from the north entrance of McHenry Library, take the right-hand path uphill toward Quarry Plaza. This path will eventually turn into a wooden bridge. Cross the bridge. You will arrive at a patch of concrete. Continue straight onto a second wooden bridge. After crossing this bridge, you will arrive at the southeast corner of Hahn Student Services. Continue straight for approximately 40 feet to the south side of the building before turning left. Proceed for approximately 25 feet, at which point you will be at the entrance to the DRC at the east entrance of the building.

Rosa Finds the DRC