Director's Welcome

rick gubashWelcome to the Disability Resource Center (DRC) at UC Santa Cruz!

Current and new undergraduate and graduate students: I believe your educational experience at UC Santa Cruz will far exceed your expectations. The DRC is happy to be part of your educational journey toward graduating and doing great things in the world.

The role of the Disability Resource Center is to ensure equal educational access to the programs of UC Santa Cruz. Equal educational access is a shared campus responsibility. This includes you as the agent of your equal educational experience, the DRC Service Coordinator as your guide, your instructors as the designers of your course objectives and learning assessments and staff and administrators as support across campus, all working in partnership to remove barriers and support student success.

Much of the equal access process includes providing legally mandated academic accommodations to remove access barriers. People with disabilities are considered a protected class. With these protections come rights to equal access. Accommodations and innovative course design will allow students equal opportunity to succeed.

We have designed our process to streamline getting your academic accommodations. Once you complete an initial meeting with a DRC Service Coordinator and provide evidence of a disability, you will independently manage your accommodations via the MyUCSC portal. Your Service Coordinator will share with you how this process works and how you remain the agent of your status as a DRC affiliate and your accommodation requests. It all starts with making an appointment with our office.

Thank you for visiting our website.  I look forward to seeing you in our office located at 125 Hahn Student Services. Call us with any questions at 831-459-2089.


Rick Gubash, Director