Request Services

To request services:

  1. Go to myUCSC.
  2. Log in using your Cruz ID and Gold password.
  3. Go to “My Student Center” and select "Request Services".
  4. Request services as soon as you have finalized your schedule.

Check your UCSC email account for your Accommodation Authorization letters within 2-3 business days after you submit your request. You will receive your letters attached to an email along with links to the Accommodation Fact Sheets. Give the letters to your instructors no later than the end of the second week of the quarter. If you do not receive your Accommodation Authorization Letters within 2-3 business days, contact us.

New students to the DRC, access to "Request Services" will be given after you have met with a DRC Service Coordinator. If you have not submitted documentation or met with a Service Coordinator please call 831-459-2089 for more information.