Currently Enrolled UC Santa Cruz Students

Do you think you may have a condition that would qualify you for accommodations and services through the Disability Resource Center? To be eligible for DRC services, you must have documentation from a qualified professional that describes and establishes your need. Medical conditions can, of course, be diagnosed and described by a licensed physician; however, establishing a diagnosis of AD/HD or a learning disability can be more intensive and expensive than a visit to your doctor.

Regardless of your diagnosis or condition, if you already have some type of documentation, our handy checklist, How to Request Accommodations at UCSC, is a one-page guide that takes a current UCSC student step-by-step from first contacting the DRC all the way to successfully implementing accommodations.

The links below describe DRC services in more detail and specifics on how you can access them. If you still have questions after reviewing the checklist and links, feel free to contact us at 831-459-2089 or by email.