Academic Support Staff

The DRC assists UCSC in complying with state and federal laws that mandate equal access to education for people with disabilities. We are the campus’ Americans with Disabilities Act (1990) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act (1973) compliance office for student program access.

What we do:

  • Evaluate student supporting documentation to determine disability status and need for accommodation
  • Individually determine and authorize appropriate, reasonable, academic accommodations
  • Provide advising and support for DRC students
  • Serve as a resource and consultant to faculty and staff

As a university, the entire campus is responsible for making itself accessible per state and federal laws. All staff members who are serving students or the public should be mindful of ensuring all services are equally accessible. Staff should take steps to ensure:

  • Department offices are wheelchair accessible
  • Webpage and on-line forms are accessible to persons using adaptive software
  • Printed brochures are available in accessible electronic format
  • They are familiar with general etiquette for interacting with persons with a disability
  • Department events are accessible
The DRC oversees accommodations related to academic coursework. However, non-academic programs and events are the responsibility of each sponsoring department.