DRC (Disability Resource Center) Electronic Advising Update

June 2013

Welcome!  The DRC Electronic Advising Update is designed to keep you informed of important deadlines and to alert you to programs and resources that may be of interest to you. We will try to keep these publications as brief as possible. We hope that you will find it to be a useful tool to keep your quarter running smoothly.


Request Services for Fall 2013

Summer Session Services Available

Finals Week Snacks at the DRC

Graduating Slugs

Request your servicesfor Fall Quarter:  DRC students whowill be returning in the fall can request accommodations for fall quarter assoon as they are enrolled in classes. For students who will use tutoring services, note-takers and/or adaptivetechnology it is especially important to request services early so that you mayreceive accommodations in a timely manner. Accommodation Authorization letterswill be distributed during the first week of fall quarter.

Summer SessionServices are Available: If you are enrolled in Summer Session classes andwould like to receive accommodations, please request services through yourMyUCSC portal the same way you do for the regular academic year.

Take a Study Break:The DRC will have light snacks available for our students during finals week!Feel free to drop in for a quick study break. We wish all of you a wonderfulsummer!

CongratulationsGraduates: We hope you will stop by to tell us about your next steps. Wehave a small token for those of you who are graduating in recognition of yourefforts. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

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